Medical Practice Management

Main features of Medical Practice Management Software:

  • Allow create and manage patients information from the patients menu.
  • Allow create and manage doctors from the doctors menu.
  • Allow you to create and manage patient visits with information of visit details and check up details on visit form as per below screenshots.
  • Allow you to create and manage patient reports, appointments based on patient visits.
  • Send by email button to send Patient Visit PDF Report to patients by email.
  • On Patient Visits form see the Previous Visits for that patient to click on Previous Visit Button.
  • See the Patient Reports from Patient Visit form view. This will allow you to record reports like X-Ray, Blood Tests, etc etc and attach them on chatter of report form.
  • Allow you to create the Next Appointment from Patient Visit form.
  • Allow to Print Patient Visit pdf report.
  • Patient can see the Clinic Visits list on My Account Page of your website portal.
  • Patient can print the Patient Visits PDF on My Account Page of your websit portal.

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